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Medical Application Quick Couplings

LT quick disconnect couplings are used by the medical industry for a wide variety of critical fluid and air handling medical applications. The medical field needs reusable and disposable connection devices in surgical equipment, dialysis, patient monitoring and pressure therapy devices.

Surgical Devices:

Surgical Devices - Medical Quick Couplings | LinkTech Couplings

LinkTech designs and manufactures over 700 standard quick couplings and medical tube fittings that are used to connect for surgical tubing to medical devices for body fluids, compressed gas, air, water, saline, and other fluids. Leak-free seals and easy to use designs create secure reliable connections that assure the safety of patients.

Patient Monitors:

Patient Monitors - Medical Quick Couplings | LinkTech Couplings

Miniature quick couplings from LinkTech are widely used to quickly and easily connect pressure and flow sensors to patient monitors. When connected, these LT couplings “click” creating an intuitive and reliable connection giving health care workers confirmation they have made a secure connection. Typical applications include blood pressure cuffs, pressure, and vacuum sensors.

Medical Beds/Air Support Surfaces:

 Medical Beds - Medical Quick Couplings | LinkTech Couplings

The majority of air support surface equipment producers use LinkTech for fast, easy, reliable, and cost effective quick couplings. LT couplings connect air bladder banks to manifolds and to control pumps systems. LinkTech’s 50 Series couplings are very popular in this industry due to their protected latch design and high flow capacity.


Temperature & Compression Therapy:

 Compression Therapy - Medical Quick Couplings | LinkTech Couplings

LinkTech’s 20AC and 40AC Series couplings are the ideal choice for water and compressed air connections found in these applications. Most Temperature Therapy applications make use of LinkTech’s unique internal auto shut-off feature to assure water doesn’t leak onto the patient when a pad disconnection is required. Compression Therapy manufactures utilize these couplings because of their reliable design and their field interchangeability with other thumb-latch type couplings

Analytical Equipment:

 Analytical Equipment - Medical Quick Couplings | LinkTech Couplings

A wide variety of quick couplings are used to connect reagent and chemical supplies to instruments for purging and cleaning of fluid lines between tests. Many instrument manufactures also use LT quick couplings to plumb internal components, such as valves and pumps, to allow for quick and easy field service.