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Medical Quick Couplings

Medical device innovation around the world relies and is supported by LinkTech's interchangeable general purpose quick connectors. We are helping save lives one loyal connection at a time.



A medical grade connector from LinkTech is the trusted #1 connection for any type of surgery equipment whether critical or routine.


Compression Therapy

LinkTech quick couplings are the ideal choice for water and compressed air connections to
assure no leakage for a quicker healing response.

Wound Care

The majority of wound care equipment utilizes LinkTech's fast, easy, reliable and cost effective quick couplings.

In Vitro Diagnostics

A wide variety of quick couplings
are used to connect reagent and chemical supplies to instruments for purging and cleaning of fluid lines between tests.


When every connection is critical,
high performance quick disconnects are the link to a better connection.


Sterilizing Equipment

When using chemicals to sanitize items, you must have chemically resistant connections.